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Bongiovi Acoustics DPS 1.2.2 full

Audio Enhancer Bongiovi DPS Plugin Full Version 1.2.2 :

Digital power station 1.2.2 full
DPS is now compatible with Windows 8 as a Desktop App.
Updated System Tray icon that matches volume control, network and other Windows system icons.
Added the bongiovi-dps protocol for remote conrol via your web browser or other application.
Updated the Setup Guide to use the remote control URLs.
Better handling of private information.
Improved multi-user support.

how to :

  1. - install dps 1.2.2 (for driver only) 
  2. - do not launch app 
  3. - copy driver folder on path folder have installed dps 1.2.2 
  4. - unistall dps 
  5. - install dps 1.2.1 
  6. - do not launch app 
  7. - paste overwite driver folder on path folder have installed dps 1.2.1 
  8. - path it 
  9. - and now BongioviAcousticsDPS full worked on windows 8
Download Bongiovi Acoustics DPS 1.2.2 full tusfiles

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ClipMagic 4.1 full

ClipMagic 4.1 | 3.3 Mb 
ClipMagic is a powerful Clipboard Extender and Information Manager for storing Images and Text, either automatically or manually in a categorised format, with details of the URL if the text is from an Internet site. To save something simply copy it to the Windows Clipboard by pressing CTRL-C or right click on the mouse and select Copy. ClipMagic then automatically stores it and if you have set up Rules & Filters the clip will be moved into a particular category. Clips can easily be retrieved either by copying from ClipMagic and pasting into your application or by using HotKeys or using the new PastePicker.

Clipmagic 4.1 

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Wondershare MobileGo for Android 3.2.2 final full patch

Manage Everything on Android from Your PC

MobileGo is a life saver for those who love music and video, text a lot and juggle apps on their Android phones and tablets.
  • Android Fans: Backup everything to PC with 1 click & retain 100% quality.
  • Music Lovers: Instantly add fun stuff and enjoy media anytime, anywhere.
  • App Addicts: Download, install, uninstall and export apps quickly and easily.
  • Socialites: Transfer contacts from/to Outlook and send & reply SMS seamlessly from your PC.
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Folder Protect 1.9.5 Final Full Version full

Folder Protect 1.9.5 Final Full Version With Crack | 4.2 MB

Folder Protect 1.9.5 Final  offers 'Data in Use' security for your important files, folders, drives and programs. It lets you choose Whether you want to write protect, delete protect, access protect or hide your data. Folder Protect 1.9.5 Full - The program also offers Safe Mode locking, stealth mode and hotkeys, auto-protection and password prompt on access of protected item. Folder Protect 1.9.5 offers features that sets it apart from other password protection software.

Features of Folder Protect 1.9.5 Full  :
  • Benefits of Using Folder Protect - Imagine a possibility where you define the meaning of Data Security. Imagine a possibility where you can Prevent your documents from getting deleted by your school going brother; Prevent your employees from modifying your source codes; Prevent the computer repair guys to use your favorite applications; Prevent your friends from messing around with your copyright material; Prevent viruses from accessing your important files. All these are real life scenarios and the main cause of worry in an organization or a PC user in general.
  • Folder Protect is designed with you in mind. It is a user-centered, policy driven access control and password protection tool to meet your everyday needs. Put it simply, it is a highly customizable methods of securing your data, the way you always wanted. With lots of access levels and flags, you can protect your data is anyway you want.
  • Folder Protect with its unmatched features, comes with an even Easier to use interface. When you start the application, you see a simple two steps Wizard, where you decide what you wish to protect and how you want to protect it. The program, based on your choices then creates an invisible boundary across your protected items, in roomates you are in full control of where and how the protected itemis treated in an unlikely event. Set any or all of the protections flags ie No Access, No Visible, No Write and No Delete and the program will know whats in your mind.
  • Block Access to your Files - With Folder Protect you can block unauthorized access to your files, folders, drives and programs. It prevents the data from being accessed Cell, Misused, moved, altered or deleted. All of your protected items can be seen by others but REMAIN inaccessible without your password.
  • Hide your Data from Other Users - You can hide all of your personal as well as professional documents and information with Folder Protect. Hide your family photos, financial records, personal letters, passwords, company's projects, source code, and other intellectual property in such a way that no one will ever know that they exist. Only you can access hidden files and folders by typing exact path in Windows Explorer, RUN or by using DOS command.
  • Don t Allow Anyone to Modify your File - Folder Protect is designed in such a way that it fulfills all of your needs and requirements. You can the make your files write-protected with Folder Protect and protect them from getting modified or edited, so that no one can the make redundant changes in it.
  • Protect your Data from Deletion - No worries about your data is being accidentally lost or deleted.Protect Folder Allows you the make your files and folder delete-proof. This guide helps you share the data with others without worrying about it getting deleted or lost, isn t it amazing ...?
  • Take Control of your Files - Folder Protect lets you take control of your data is by allowing you customize levels of security. It is a unique security software that offers Data in Use protection and lets you choose how do you want to protect your data. You can also choose to have a password prompt or access denied message when someone clicks on protected item.
  • Protect Files in Safe Mode - Now with Folder Protect you can protect and Unprotect your data is even in Safe Mode! This is a Matchless feature and ensures maximum protection of your data. No matter if your system is booted in safe mode, your protected items will REMAIN 100% secure ...!
  • Get Your Files Protected Automatically - You left your PC for a while and your neighbor deleted your important project file. Don t want this to happen again? Password Protect folders and files with Folder Protect! Its Auto Protection lets you set an idle time after your roomates the data will get protected automatically.
  • Maintain your Secrecy - If you don t want anyone to know that you are using a security software, you can run the program in complete stealth by setting a hotkey. Stealth Mode removes all the traces of the program from Desktop, Quick Launch, Start Menu, Add / Remove programs item and context menu in Explorer. Simply press your hotkey to launch the program.
  • Strong Access Control - Folder Protect brings innovation in the data security by allowing its users to set accessibility rights for the protected items According to their own feasibility. It is an easy to use program that lets you protect and Unprotect items through Windows Context Menu without the need to run the program first.

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Stardock Start8 1.12 Final + Patch and Keygen

Stardock ModernMix for Windows 8 is the first program -- to my knowledge -- that makes Windows apps as usable as desktop programs that run on the system. The application has been designed so that you can run one or multiple Windows apps that you have downloaded and installed from the built-in store on the desktop just like any other program you may have installed on the system -- side-by-side with desktop programs or other apps.
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Even better is the fact that it does so in an unobtrusive way. Once you have installed the program on your system you are presented with an options menu where you can select how apps should be opened on the system.

You can modify settings for apps that you launch from the Start screen, and settings for apps that you launch from the desktop. This works in sync with Start menu programs that you may have installed already on your system, which is probably the easiest way to run apps from the desktop.

Your options are to launch apps in full screen like before, in full screen but with window controls, or in windowed mode on the desktop. The latter enables you to manage the app windows like any other program window that is currently open on the desktop. You can resize the window, minimize it to the taskbar or close it easily using the window controls that  you used to work with in previous versions of Windows.

The applications retain all of their functionality when you run them on the desktop. You will notice that many become better to work with when you do so. The mail application, for instance, benefits from this greatly. You can now easily copy and paste multiple items into mails, fire up a browser without losing focus of the mail window, or watch a video on YouTube while you are composing an email.

All apps that you launch that way on the desktop get their icon on the taskbar so that you can easily switch between them. App switching was never that easy on Windows 8 before.

The developers have integrated a shortcut -- F10 -- in to the program that you can use to switch between app states easily. A tap on F10 switches between windowed mode and full screen mode. If you prefer to use the mouse, you can alternatively use the controls at the top right of every full-screen app window to do so. Both options can be disabled in the settings if you prefer so.
The program has one small issue that I encountered during tests. If you try to add an attachment to an email, you are taken to a full screen file browser regardless of app state. That's not a big issue but I thought I mention it anyway.
If you'd ask me an hour ago which program I'd consider essential for Windows 8, I'd replied with the name of a start menu application for that operating system. This has changed with the release of ModernMix. The program improves the Windows 8 experience significantly by making apps as usable on the desktop as standard desktop programs.

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