Selasa, Agustus 20, 2013

ModernMix 1.05 full patch mediafire

Download Stardock Start8 here first to get full version of ModernMix

Download ModernMix Full

Stardock Start8 1.17 Beta Full Key / Serial Number / Crack / Patch Mediafire

Microsoft Windows 8 is shipped without the "Start" menu. Stardock heard the cries from Windows 8 users. We put the "Start" menu back in Windows 8. We accurately recreated the most used desktop feature billions of users depend on every day and packed it with additional functionality. 

Features Stardock Start8:

• Advanced Style "Start" Windows 7 in Windows 8

• Search by Metro applications

• Download from the desktop Windows 8

• Start screen of Windows 8 (Metro) is available from the "Start"

• Unified search for applications, settings, and files

• Access to shutdown the PC, devices, music, documents, and video in a single click

• Custom Size "Start" menu

• Start screen of Windows 8 is available in the "Start"

• Clean user interface improves the usability Start8

Year: 2013 letest

Version: 1.17 Beta

OS: Windows 8

Language: Multi

Medicine: Patch

Size: 5.45 MB

Start8 1.17 Beta Full

Start8 1.17 Full mediafire 

modernmix full mediafire

Senin, Agustus 19, 2013


Deathspank the baconing

DeathSpank: The Baconing
Prepare yourself for the ultimate sci-fi adventure by entering the hilarious and sizzling world of The Baconing created by Hothead Games.
You are DeathSpank, a hero and the ultimate Dispenser of Justice. You must defeat the Anti-Spank and his army of Cyborques, before they cast an evil shadow over Spanktopia.
Discover exciting new worlds and battle hordes of enemies as you search to unlock the secret within the Fires of Bacon.Features:
* Explore unique locations such as The Forbidden Zone, Rainbow’s End and Hell’s Half Acre in a pop-up book style adventure.
* Over 100 quests, challenging boss fights and mind bending puzzles to complete
* Unleash devastating attacks on the enemy with the all-powerful Weapons of Justice
* Control the battlefield with tactical precision by using your Shield Bash, Perfect Reflect and Charged Attacks
* Play local co-op with a friend and choose from one of four amazing sidekicks

Pentium 4 1.7 GHz, 1.5 GB RAM, graphic card 256 MB (GeForce GF 6800 or better), 1.5 GB HDD, Windows XP/Vista/7, Internet connection.

Selasa, Agustus 06, 2013

Download ibooty iphone 4 ios 6.1.3

iBooty ios 6.1.3 for iphone 4

iBooty (Utility to Boot Tethered iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPod Touch 3G, iPod Touch 4G after Sn0wBreeze jailbreak)