Jumat, Maret 18, 2016

Download Dashboard HUAWEI Modem 3.5 Full Feature Voice Call SMS USSD

Download Dashboard HUAWEI Modem 3.5 Full Fitur Voice Call SMS USSD  Lengkap

I have previously shared with you Huawei mobile partner with voice call, USSD and some other features in Kaskus, which was not available in the default latest unbranded Huawei Mobile Partner software 

Tested On Modem Huawei E3372 Windows 10

E150, E153 (U), E156G, E160 (E, G), E171 (старой ревизии), E173, E188, E1550, E1750, E1820, E352, E353, E367, E369, E392, E3121 (320S), E3131 (420S, М21-1), E3531 (423S(!), M21-4), E3272 (824F, M100-4), E3276 (822F, М150-1), E3372(!) (827F, М150-2), K3806.